This site is a comprehensive archive of teaching materials, exemplars and resources associated with Mr Waugh’s 2013 English class. Feel free to look around, and make use of whatever is of value. All 2014 GCSE English materials can be found here

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Learning Focus This Term


Through the examination of some of the world’s greatest dystopian writers; George Orwell, William Gibson, Anthony Burgess and John Wyndham, and via the close examination of the grammatical formulations in their writing, this term’s final focus is creative writing. Throughout the sequence, based on this Grammar for Writing  programme, we will be examining some of the mechanics of language that are characteristic of these authors. You will see the students blogs start to darken over as the corrupt and decaying imagery associated with the dystopian genre start to take over – and in the end the students will be writing a single piece, the first page of a novel set in a dystopian future.

If you want to have a look into what is being studied this year, feel free to head on over to the published year plan at any time:


The Student Blogging Scheme

We have re-launched our student blogging scheme – the classroom is equipped with brand new iPads and every student has their own blog. The possibilities of this new scheme are enormous – if you’re keen to investigate some of the thinking that goes behind it all can be seen on Mr Waugh’s professional journal.

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