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Religion And Society (1984 George Orwell)

I have been reading the book ’1984′ by George Orwell, in relation to my theme studies this text has great relevance to what my theme is about.

The book displays differences in society and how segregation works, this relates directly to the theme ‘Religion And Society’ because we see segregation and differences in society caused often by religion.

In the book ’1984′ we do not see any religion as such but rather rules, regulations and restrictions on the people, this can be compared to religion as in different religious groups there are certain rules and guidelines you should and are expected to live by, in the book we see that people are expected and made to love ‘The state’ this can be compared to the ‘Love of God’ that we see in most if not every religion that exists.

The book also relates to people’s thoughts and the reality of modern day society, we see in the book there is a group of higher powered people known as ‘The Party ‘ (Who could be compared to the modern day Government) these people are of higher ’standard’ than the ’Proles’ (Who are seen by the higher ups as the low end of society, sort of like normal civilians of today) There is also ‘Big Brother’ who is of the highest power (This person or thing can be seen as the Prime Minister or President of modern day society)

Even though the book may not of been made to show how society and religion work and how they can work together, after analysing the book it has many similarities to my theme studies topic.


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