Spoken Language Study: Analyse the Transcript

Classifying the distinctive features of spoken language.

  • http://waugh10.old.edutronic.net/files/2012/09/Analyse-a-transcript_1-628x353.png
  • http://waugh10.old.edutronic.net/files/2012/09/Analyse-a-transcript_2-628x353.png

After viewing the excerpt and carefully transcribing the conversation from within, today we began the process of identifying the all the features that deviate from “Standard English”.

Here is the result – next we’ll be delving deeper into the linguistic and paralinguistic features of this spoken text and having our second attempt at writing up our conclusions in long form.


  1. Original excerpt and transcript
  2. Glossary of Language Devices
  3. A sample of Alex’s writing that shows promise

Today’s whiteboard capture:

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